ArtApp creates a Europe-wide network between Hungary, Italy, Greece and Croatia to foster arts in general and provide new models of funding.

ArtApp brings the collaboration and interaction between art organisations, local businesses, and their wider audience to a new level and into the technology of the21st century.

ArtApp helps artists and art organisations to bring art to unusual places, making it possible to get support from the community and local businesses in a veryconvenient and uncomplicated way.

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LATRA Innovation Hub

country: Greece
role: partner organization
dedicated discipline: VISUAL ART & SOCIAL ART PRACTICES

LATRA INNOVATION LAB is a socially-innovative creative practice which in response to the Europe’s current humanitarian crisis set-up an innovation lab inside a refugee camp in Lesvos-Greece, enabling world-class culture professionals, artists, digital innovators and social entrepreneurs to co-create alongside the refugee community, technology-driven creative projects that directly respond to societal challenges and accelerate the UN Sustainable Development Goals. LATRA’s vision is to empower marginalized communities across the world, with technology, creative skills and access to the cultural sector, to address the adversities they face, and to become not just actors in their lives but directors of their future, creating an EU society which is inclusive, adaptive, sustainable and resilient.


Let it Be! art agency

country: Hungary
role: creative management

Let it Be! art agency develops interdisciplinary forms of co-operation between different areas of art and creative industries by exploring opportunities for innovative collaboration. The agency is engaged in managing and initiating cross media and urban city projects which focus on new synergy between art and technology. Let it Be! art agency realizes creative concepts for customers and offers management support for media artists and designers. The agency believes in experience-based learning, the power of social sensitivity and aims to raise awareness of the creative potential of technological innovations.

The creative management and designing process of the Loyalty to Art digital toolkit was coordinated by Andrea Kovács, the founder of Let it Be! art agency.



country: Italy
role: partner organization

Materahub is working to support artists, cultural organizations and creative industries in making their activities economically sustainable, able to generate economic impact (in addition to cultural and social) for the local communities involved, able to cooperate at European level with other operators of culture and creativity and, last but not least, able to activate cross-fertilization processes with other economic sectors and the public sector. They started with the creative community of our region back in 2011. Basilicata and Matera were in the process of structuring the bid for the European Capital of Culture 2019.



country: Hungary
role: application development

Pro Progressione is a Budapest-based artistic hub that connects people, professions and ambitions by designing international collaborations in the field of culture. From this combination, creative ideas emerge – artists, cultural activists, scientists and experts of various fields meet and give cutting-edge answers for the questions of our age. Pro Progressione has been implementing numerous international projects supported by the European Commission.  Their overall objective is to create an international network of artists, institutions and audiences by helping the communities to find their path towards arts. They believe in interdisciplinary creation, in a mutual exchange between disciplines, art forms and actors of social and artistic fields.



country: Croatia
role: partner organization

Spotlight is a private company funded in 2017 by Ivan Mrdjen and Tena Bosnjakovic. For more than 6 years Ivan Mrdjen and Tena Bosnjakovic successfully collaborated, as producers and project managers, on various projects in the field of contemporary art, both domestic and EU, after which they decided to found their own company. Today, the company is in charge of full management for various art organizations that work in Croatia such as Croatian Institute for Movement and Dance, Contemporary Dance Company, Art organization De Facto and Art organization 21:21. The company also provides production services for various festivals and events. The company is involved in collaboration with local startups which are mostly in the field of multimedia and new technologies such as VR.



country: Hungary
role: project coordinator

The opening of Szimpla Kert in 2002 has been literally and also symbolically a milestone in the alternative life of Budapest. Converting an old factory into a huge open-air cinema and pub, they were able to create a unique framework for hosting concerts, theatre shows and many different cultural events. Szimpla defines itself as a ’cultural reception space’, indicating our intention to embrace genres and performers off the mainstream, presenting them in an informal atmosphere. Moreover, with constantly supporting initiatives for urban sustainability, Szimpla has been serving as an ultimate incubation house of green ideas from the very beginning.



European Commission
Europen Union Creative Europe Programme


Szimpla (Budapest, Hungary)
Pro Progressione (Budapest, Hungary)


MateraHub (Matera, Italy)
LATRA Innovation Lab (Mytilene, Greece)
Spotlight (Zagreb, Croatia)


4 x 1 artist
4 x 1 business
4 x 1 customer


4 x 3 artist
4 x 3 business
4 x ∞ customer