country: ITALY

#interdisciplinarity #design

Materahub organized the first edition of MAGMA Fest with the ambition to create annually a festival for presenting the design of new non-disciplinary models and imagining unexpected creative solutions.

“The new gathering launched by Materahub, as a way to promote the dialogue between disciplines and to inspire new models of cooperation in South of Italy, made my brain tremble for the so unconventional position brought to the stage by the incredible guests we had the chance to host in Matera during the 1st and the 2nd of December.

Yes I call it gathering, you read it right, because more than a conference or a festival what we had the chance to experience was a safe space for exchanging opinion, an honest interest in listening to each others’ opinion and the will to find a way to collaborate.” Roberta Capozucca_communication officer


Lemming exhibition


country: HUNGARY

#music #photo

Szimpla organized a concert series and offered its stage for the new Lemming talents. The non-local visitors of the ruin bar could get to know the bands spontaneously, while the focus artists could promote themselves in advance via online campaigns. In the autumn of 2022, Szimpla also launched an interactive photo exhibition to advertise their unique concert recordings through QR-codes. Lemming program became a wonderful example of Szimpla’s own mission statement: new collaborations creates new projects, new concerts bring new audiences, and the ”legendary factor of authenticity” helps long term operation and business vision.

Lemming Program / photo exhibition