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Studio Contemporary Dance Company (HR)


country: Croatia

testing field: DANCE, VISUAL ART

Studio Contemporary Dance Company was founded in 1962/63 in Zagreb under the artistic leadership of Ana and Vera Maletić, as the first contemporary dance company in Croatia and the region. During the more than fifty years of its continuous activity on the Croatian and international scene, Studio produced a great number of dance projects and formed generations and generations of exceptional dance performers, teachers and choreographers.

New forms of cooperation on various projects and co-productions resulted in our readiness to engage in new challenges. In its collaboration with artists from the other fields of art, Studio Contemporary Dance Company is always open for the unpredictable and fresh explorations in art. Some of their most prominent awards are multiple Croatian Actor Awards and the award of Croatian Dance Association in 2012 for fifty years of existence.

“My motivation to participate in the ArtApp project stems from my interest in novel technologies and in their potential employment in the unending quest to finance artistic and cultural programs.” Dina Ekštajn – artistic director