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Gommalacca Teatro (IT)


country: Italy

testing field: THEATRE

Mimmo Conte, actor, trainer, and theater director founded the company Gommalacca Teatro with Carlotta Vitale, in Basilicata. With the company, and with the network partners, they have been involved in theater production, international art projects and creative processes involving communities since 2008.

Gommalacca Teatro is a company that allows itself every possible space in the languages of art and is always ready to betray the choices it has made. The company is located in a peripheral district, but having a strong core never loses its center. It is born from the artistic heritage and entrepreneurial vision of its founders and from the energy of those who work on, and those who participate in the activities.

“As artists and as a network of theater companies, we believe in the importance of involving all stakeholders in the social and economic life of a community, and we invest in opportunities for growth for ourselves and the places we live.” Mimmo Conte – director